The person behind Kindnest Inc is Mirelle Lévesque. A passionate, energetic and enthusiastic individual with a broad range of skills and expertise with over 20+ years of experience in the IM/IT industry. She has vision, ideas, drive and really CARES for her clients. Mirelle strives to find the best solution for her clients and surpasses their expectations by diving into their world, finding the business issues and then solving them by developing tools to meet their current and future needs. She can be depended on to design an easy to use, practical end-to-end enterprise solution with business insight, and productivity in mind.

Mirelle has a thirst for knowledge; she is constantly evolving and innovating both professionally and personally. She is creative, business savvy and technical while being a devoted mother of twin boys. She is fluently bilingual and an excellent communicator. She has a Top Secret clearance with the Federal Government and RCMP. She looks forward to working with you and your team. Contact Mirelle to view her CV and to discuss opportunities.

Mirelle has a big soft spot for dementia patients. Her mom was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia when she was only 63 years old. Experiencing life with this disease, Mirelle started an in-residence monitoring solution service.